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Basin Boat Lighting

Basin Boat Lighting is a mobile application that allows fishermen and sailors to operate the devices installed on their boats. The app syncs with the devices using Bluetooth, enabling the boaters to control multiple devices simultaneously. The app only works on devices exclusively manufactured and supplied by Basin Boat Lighting LLC.

papa john's pizza delivery app

Client's Vision

As a leading boating equipment manufacturer, our client wanted to enhance customer experience by introducing a mobile app allowing sailors and fishermen to operate their equipment remotely. Understanding the risks of getting lost at sea, the client sought to incorporate wireless functionality within the app so that the seafarers do not have to trigger the distress signal manually. Apart from that, they wanted to harness Bluetooth technology so that one app could control multiple devices simultaneously. To achieve this goal, the client contacted Fictive Studios and explained their vision for the application. As usual, we didn't fail to deliver the client's desired result.

papa john's pizza delivery app

Features We Implemented

Fictive Studios was tasked with creating two separate interfaces for our esteemed client.

Basin Boat Lighting

Users – App-Based

Registration and Login

Users can create an account by registering in the app.

About Us Page

Users can view the page where the company's information is displayed

Turn On/ Off Devices

Users can easily switch on and off their connected devices with the app.

Universal Stress Signal

Users can call for help using the stress signal function if needed.

Weather Information

Users can get updates on the changing weather in their vicinity.


Users' data will be stored in the integrated database within the app.

Super Admin Panel – Web-Based

Push Notifications

Super Admins can send alerts to users regarding any new updates or bug fixes.

Payments Management

Super Admin can manage and control payment transactions.

Report Generation

Super Admin can have access to regular reports about the app's usage.

Content Management System

Super Admin can add, remove, or customize any content for the application.

User Management

Super Admin can create sub-admins and assign them different roles.



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Color Palette

papa john's pizza delivery app

Challenges We Overcame

1. Problems With Bluetooth Connectivity

During the development process of the app, we encountered various issues. One major one was concerned with Bluetooth connectivity. Since the client wanted us to develop an app that could be synched with multiple devices, we had to ensure there were no discrepancies with the signal transmission. Firstly, we analyzed the code and tested different scenarios to determine the root problem. Then after consulting with the client, we carried out the optimization to nip the problem in the bud for good.

2. Complex Requirements Of The Client

One of the challenges we encountered during the development procedure was the client's complex demands and constant reminders to create a seamless mobile application. At Fictive Studios, we overcame such challenges by communicating clearly and frequently with clients to understand their vision. We broke down the project into manageable tasks and provided them with updates on project milestones. By keeping the client in the loop throughout the process, we ensured that their vision was realized and that they received an end product that was both lucrative and desirable.

Our Tech Stack

We employ the most cutting-edge technologies in our app development process to deliver our clients' desired results.

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