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papa john's pizza delivery app

Lyrikel Genius

Lyrikel Genius is a mobile game that tests the music trivia knowledge of gamers.

papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app

Client's Vision

The client envisioned creating an app supported on iOS, Android, and Web platforms. The operating system involved in this gaming app is iOS 10 to 14 and Android versions from 6 to 11. The design is structured on Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC. The primary aim of the game is to finish song lyrics. The lyrics will be based on which game mode the player chooses. The game will have a leaderboard of players in one-player mode. The app will have the synced background of the selected soundtrack, but it will not play the music on the song whose lyrics are in use.

papa john's pizza delivery app

Features Of Lyrikel Genius

App-based features of Lyrikel Genius are given below:

Users – App-Based

Splash Screen

The splash green will allow the app to preview logo taglines, along with essential, modern, and attractive background graphics.

Social Login

Lyrikel Genius players can sign up and log in through email or social media like Facebook and Google.


The players can create basic profiles by entering general information; by playing regularly, they can compete with other players regarding the best score.

Play Button

A play button can be tapped to start the game and begin the lyrics battle with other players. Song lyrics will be based on the selected genre.

Choosing Game Modes

Single players can participate in a timed challenge to gain high scores and choose a soundtrack with the same mode.


Leaderboards will be there for the top players of the game. The top winners of all modes will have their own leaders board.


An option for customized settings will be given for music, lights, and background change, making the game more personalized.

Game Mechanics

The game's mechanics and the continuous flow of the lyrics battle makes the game more enjoyable to play.

Set The Time Limit And Player Limit

Players will be able to set the time before starting the game. Only assigned players logged in can play by setting the timer and guessing the lyrics within the time.

In Game Monetization

The game will be monetized on both the free and paid versions. The free version will rely on published ads.

Super Admin Panel - Web-Based

Login And Game Management

Super admin will have administrative control to view user information and posted content by users and admins.

Content Management System

The admin can add, update and delete the content when the information is updated in the admin panel.

User Management

Admin can create sub-users, having different capabilities. The admin can view the profiles of the users assigned to the game.

Push Notification

We will integrate push notification modules so that the super admin can send messages to individuals or all app users.



Work Sans

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Color Palette

papa john's pizza delivery app

Challenges We Overcame

1. Connecting and Syncing Live Rooms

The problem we faced was connecting and syncing live rooms and multiplayer. Still, we eliminated the problem by testing multiple devices and scenarios while also upgrading the user flow. During the process of development, we came up with various issues. One major issue was the client’s complex demands and reminders. Since the client wanted us to develop an app that could be synched with live rooms, we had to ensure there were no discrepancies with the signal transmission, and syncing was made more accessible.

2. Complex Requirements of Clients

The challenges we faced were asked by our client in the development process when the client kept demanding new features and advancements. At Fictive Studios, we accomplished the challenge with our problem-solving skill set and brainstormed as a team. We tasked the projects to our team by subdividing them. We kept the client in contact through the entire process to overcome the challenge and took the approach that was feasible for the client.

Our Tech Stack

We employ the most cutting-edge technologies in our app development process to deliver our clients' desired results.

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