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papa john's pizza delivery app

Release It

The Release It mobile application allows stressed-out people to note down the things that are bothering them and let them all out, which means releasing all the stress and then going through a fantastic experience from the app in the form of animations.

papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app

The Story Behind Release It

In this fast-paced world, stress takes the better of millions of people worldwide. It is a silent killer which, if not eliminated from one’s life, can slowly eat a person from the inside and cause a quick death. As a leading mobile app development company, our client allows people to jot down their thoughts digitally and release all the tension because noting down problems is one of the most effective ways of releasing stress. Furthermore, the app's main feature is the response to those pointers through animations and other visuals, which helps the person achieve calmness and comfort. As always, our client was more than satisfied with our work.

papa john's pizza delivery app

Features of the App

Fictive Studios was tasked with creating two separate interfaces for our esteemed client.

Users – App-Based

Splash Screen

The App logo and the tagline (optional) will be the splash screen and will be displayed for a few seconds, during which data will load in the backend. It will contain some impressive graphics to make the app look visually appealing.


There will be a graphical animation of a galaxy on the home screen and a (+) button for users to write their thoughts.

(+) Button

When the person taps on the (+) button, a text box will appear where users can type their thoughts. As the user taps, an animation will appear showing an envelope.


The app will revolve around animated features to make the app more visually appealing. Animations will take place around the following features:

  • Text Box Pop-Up
  • Galaxy background
  • Flying Envelope (going into the galaxy)

Super Admin Panel – Web Based


A web-based admin console will be provided to the Super Admin to view and manage user information in the admin panel, and it will reflect accordingly in the mobile application.

Content Management System

The application’s content can be added, updated, and deleted by the admin. The data will be reflected accordingly in the mobile application once the admin updates information through the admin panel.

User Management

The admin can create sub-admin users. The admin can assign different user roles, and these users will have different capabilities. Users registered on the app will have their online activities monitored.



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Color Palette

papa john's pizza delivery app

Challenges We Overcame

1. Build custom animation Gifs.

We faced a lot of issues during the development process. The biggest one was to build custom animation Gifs. The client wanted us to build an app that had good, catchy visuals in the form of animations. So, creating custom animations was a big challenge for us. But we overcame this problem by having several meetings with the client, understanding what they wanted, and repeating the process until we finally came up with what the client needed.

2. Custom Designed Landing Page

Another obstacle that stood in our way was a custom-designed landing page. A landing page is crucial as it is where the customers land and is the first interaction between your app and the customer. Thankfully, this problem was also overcome through constant meetings and trials. A landing page needs to be attractive and persuasive. It should impress the visitor so that they would surf the other sections of the app and respond to any call-to-actions present in the app. And that is exactly what we came up with.

Our Remarkable Tech Stack

We have amazing technologies in our app development process to absolutely nail our client’s desired results.

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