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papa john's pizza delivery app


AutoFusion is a native video communication mobile application that is supported on iOS and Android. It serves as an internal communication channel for auto dealerships to execute business transactions with clients worldwide without needing an in-person meeting. The application is supported by a dedicated website where dealership representatives and their clients can communicate more efficiently.

papa john's pizza delivery app

Client's Vision

Being a reliable partner of many auto dealerships worldwide, our client was looking for a native mobile app development firm that could help customize and enhance the online advertising of their dealership partners and make their transactions more seamless. The client had some interesting insights into what they wanted the end product to be. They wanted to create an internal communication platform that would bridge the distance gap between their customers and the automobile dealers who are living worlds apart. The client wanted to implement cutting-edge features in the app to make the live video sessions more productive and remote. In addition, they required a website that would offer a more sophisticated medium for clients to communicate with car dealers and could be used to monitor the proceedings of business transactions. They explained their vision to us, and we got to work immediately and delivered ahead of their expectations.

papa john's pizza delivery app


We integrated four separate interfaces in AutoFusion as per the client's request.


User/ Client – App-Based

Sign In & Authorization

The app offers users to log in to the application by signing in with the given credentials through the Super admin panel.

Profile Management

The app allows AutoFusion's clients to quickly set up their profiles by entering their basic information such as Name, Email, and other information.

Video Streaming Protocol Integration

The app offers seamless video/audio streaming with WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) protocol.

In-App Video and Voice Calls

The app allows users to communicate via audio and video calls and request one through the dedicated website.

In-App Group Calls

The app lets users initiate conference calls where multiple users can simultaneously participate.

In-App Text Chat

The app enable users to call/text the representative and allow them to text with the website users through the app.

Screen Sharing

The app offers the convenience of screen sharing, allowing users to share their screen's content with the clients.

End-to-End Encryption

The app ensures that the information exchanged between the client and the representative remains secure.

Virtual Noise Cancellation

The app is integrated with a noise cancellation feature that suppresses all the background noise during a live call.

Push Notifications

The app automatically notify users of new messages to inform them about any upcoming updates.

Payment Integration

Users will be able to pay for their selected subscription plan through their Debit/Credit cards.

User/Client – Web-Based

Video and Audio Conference

Visual communication sessions between two or more users, regardless of their location.

Phone Calls and Texting

Clients of dealerships can chat with representatives regarding any queries and concerns.

Screen Sharing

Enable representatives to share their desktop screens with multiple devices.

Authentication and Encryption

Data transmitted over audio/video calls will remain encrypted for foolproof security.


The website is supported on every platform, e.g. PC, MAC, Linux, etc.

Meeting Link Sharing

The conference host can invite others to the meeting by sharing the link to the meeting.

Role Assigning

Users can assign different roles to the participants, such as room head or priority speaker.

Recording of Meetings

Users and representatives can record their meetings by clicking on a designated button.

SSL Encryption

SSL is integrated into the website to ensure secure transactions, data transfers, and logins.

Chat Room Customization

Users customize chat room settings, such as changing usernames and muting participants.

Admin Panel – Web-Based

Login Console

Admin have a web-based admin console to manage user information and related content.


The billing is accessible to the dealership admins only in addition to viewing statistics.

User Management

Admin can assign roles to different users by creating sub-admins and monitoring their activity.


Admin is be able to generate usage reports, analytics, and statistics.

Super Admin Panel – Web-Based

Login Console

Super Admin is also given a web-based admin console to view and manage user information on a broader scale.

Payments Management

Super Admin have the control to manage, charge, or refund payments received by users for membership.

Content Management System

Super Admin can add or remove the content from the website, and the changes will reflect in the mobile accordingly.

Push Notifications

Super Admin can send messages to a specific individual or all app users through a provided push notifications module.



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papa john's pizza delivery app

Challenges We Overcame

1. Catering To The Complex Project Needs

AutoFusion was nothing short of a challenge for us, as the client needed a mobile application and website developed together. The features requested by the client were complex, but our developers didn't waver in delivering a desirable product. Through rigorous brainstorming, our team put their minds together and came up with the most innovative ideas that helped cater to the complex needs which the project demanded.

2. Integrating Cross-Platform Video Call Support

Developing an application that offers cross-platform video calling is not easy. But Fictive Studios made it look so. Along the way, we faced many issues like network limitations, third-party API integration, and optimizing audio and video codecs. But through an adequate developmental trial and error procedure, we made both minor and major adjustments and tested them regularly to achieve the best user experience possible.

The Tech Stack We Used

We employ the most cutting-edge technologies in our app development process to deliver the results which our clients love.

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