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Who doesn’t like gaming? Because of the massive amount of gamers worldwide, it has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry. With our vast experience in developing games, we can guarantee that the product we design for you will be unique and profitable.

We at Fictive Studios provide top-notch game development. Fictive's development team and QA resources can overcome any obstacle by running the product through various tests. Before the final delivery, our QA team will ensure there are no defects in the app so that you get your desired game just like you wanted.

Fictive Studios specializes in games with high graphics, mostly first-individual shooters, procedures, secrecy, and action-adventure games. Incredible Engine is a great decision for AAA titles and a boom for game development organizations. Fictive Studios has a major hand in UE, so some amazing games can be expected from us.

Game Development Defined

Game development is the art of constructing creative games and designing layouts. Game development is composed of generating innovative, unique ideas, keeping game mechanics in mind, along with players' engagement and rating towards the game. Unity’s first announcement took place in 2005 at the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple. In 2005 it was only usable with OS X. Afterwards, it extended to many vast platforms. Unity still continues to receive its maximum rating for its mobile game development.

A game developer can be a creative designer, an artist, a programmer, or a designer. When a developer is getting involved in the game development process, written code is not needed. Artists generate and design assets when a developer focuses on programming the effectiveness of the game. A tester gets involved and tests if the game works as expected. Fictive Studios is here to help you initiate programming your game with Unity 3D game development services. We have highly skilled Unity 3D game developers who are efficient in gaming technology. We believe that Unity 3D is a great engine; it has fantastic tools that can be used for gaming construction. Components and codes can be re-used from previous projects, and editing can be done too.

Game Prototyping With Unity 3D Game Development

Unity can be used in testing AR and VR technology to know the outcomes of game simulations. This also means that Unity is great for testing user experience in any game to know if players had a good time playing the game or not. Unity 3D supports 2D and 3D graphics, scripting with C# language, and creating a cross-platform for gaming engines. Unity was used to construct simulations and video games for advanced gadgets in its early days. We at Fictive Studios have skilled developers who are efficient in creating AR and VR technology for the outcomes of game simulations with Unity 3D game development.

What Is Unity 3D Game Development?

Unity 3D is a powerful engine designed for game development tasked to create some of the most highlighted and advanced video games; our developers create the best development using Unity 3D. It gives developers a chance to develop games for different platforms, like PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and many more. Architectural visualization is another use of Unity 3D. It has the ability to produce any game constructed virtually; it catches your ideas and bundles them together. Programmers prefer Unity 3D the most due to its built-in connectivity with visual studio and C# API. It has robotic animated features that are easier to produce 3D sequences and convert them to 2D visuals.

Unity 3D Game Development For Developers

Unity is a crucial game engine that provides our developers with many built-in features, which help them to extend their creativity and lets them put out their brain-stormed ideas in the form of a game. Unity, 3D game development, saves time for programmers as they do not need to create new physics engines, and the game structure does not need to build itself from scratch. Unity 3D has built-in visuals, which favors programmers, along with C# and API working on the scripting of the game; it helps programmers to initiate their design layouts.

IDE of Unity 3D Development

Unity is well known for its Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This essentially means that Unity helps our developers at Fictive Studios by providing an interface and letting them enter a workshop of required instruments needed to work on developing a game. The Unity software also has visual editing software that lets programmers use the pull and throw feature to disguise the properties of many elements and construct their scenarios according to the script.

Unity 3D And Its Languages For Unity 3D Development Services

The Unity game engine uses C# with a combination and collection of other modified APIs. The best part about utilizing Unity 3D is that it allows Fictive Studios’programmers to achieve many tasks without forcing them to handle or learn thousand of codes. The in-depth understanding of unity and its coding gives a big support to programmers. Unity 3D became the game development platform for all developers. Constructing a video game on the Unity game engine is not that hard, but it surely has a share of challenges that a developer faces. Without the right guidance and support, you can run into the risk of being trapped in the maze of programming and code of a game. This is why Fictive Studio’s developers of Unity 3D are here to guide your way to the top of the gaming world. We are dedicated to providing you with the best gaming experience with skilled guidance. Fictive Studios is committed to its sharp developers and coders so that you can put your trust in them to put a perfect gaming layout, using real-time projects to guide you with complex situations during programming. Our passionate developers are willing to help you create games that will inspire and attract both simultaneously. Our developers are dedicated to touching the skies in the gaming world with Unity 3D game development.

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Technologies and Game Engines We Use

We have used the latest technologies that can justify client requirements at the best to deliver bug-free solutions.

cocos2d x


Using game engines such as Cocos 2D-X, Unity 3D, Corona, Chipmunk, and many more make us one of the game development powerhouses.

Fictive Studios will take care of every phase from start to finish, even the publishing process.

Yes, Fictive Studios can use cross-platform development techniques, which will enable the app to work on Android and iOS both.

The steps followed in developing a game are as follows:

  • Pre-Production Stage includes:

  • Finalizing concept and theme of the game
  • Storyline
  • Finalizing Project Plan
  • Architecture Design
  • The Production Stage includes:
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing & QA
  • The post-Production Stage includes:
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Yes the developers at Fictive can create such games but a gaming server is better for multiplayer games to maintain security.

Unity is more suitable than Unreal.

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Industries We Serve

Here, we make almost every genre of applications. You name it and we build it.

Retail, Ecommerce

Education & e-learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Logistics & Distribution

Social Networking

Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant

On-Demand Solutions


Retail, Ecommerce

Education & e-learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Real Estate

Logistics & Distribution

Social Networking

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant

On-Demand Solutions


The Road Towards Hiring


Conversation With Our Staff

Firstly, someone from our company will talk to you about your requirements and goals to achieve. After that, we will interpret the work and goals to you.


Aligning With The Expert

After knowing what exactly you want, we will hand your project (and you) to the concerned person in our organization.


You First

We will assign you with the most skillful person however if you still have some complains you can avail the services of some other member of our team.



This is the last step i.e. finalization of your developer

The Road Towards Hiring


Conversation With Our Staff

Firstly, someone from our company will talk to you about your requirements and goals to achieve. After that, we will interpret the work and goals to you.


Aligning With The Expert

After knowing what exactly you want, we will hand your project (and you) to the concerned person in our organization.


You First

We will assign you with the most skillful person however if you still have some complains you can avail the services of some other member of our team.



This is the last step i.e. finalization of your developer.

Case Studies

We shed a light on our work and what goes behind the development.

What Our Clients Say

Here, We make almost every genre of applications. You name it and we build it.

"Fictive Studios is dependable and responsive to client's request. Always easy and convenient to communicate with them for any issues and support. Gladly recommend them to anyone who wants to build ideas into real products."

neighbor shopper

Neighbor Shopperusa Massachusetts, USA

"Discovering Fictive Studios is no doubt one of the highlights of my 2018. They took my idea and brought it to life, beautifully. The team assigned to me was diligent, responsive & patient. They did not try to rush the process so that they could quickly jump onto a new client, instead they treated my app with care as if it was their own. I would highly recommend Fictive Studios to anyone looking to build something special."


Social Media AppkenyaKenya

"To the teams of Fictive Studios - excellent job done with very smooth and responsive communication! The teams are very knowledgeable and had given us lots of valuable advices."


Ivan Lau
CEO & Founder - OhMyHelphong kongHong Kong

"Thoughtfully integrating consumer feedback to improve the UX/UI, Fictive Studios has developed a series of consistently improved mobile app iterations. Their competitive pricing structure pairs value with cost savings. The project manager was exceptionally skilled and communicative."


Sujai Soy
Skkyn Technologies - Owneruae Dubai, UAE

"The founder of Fictive Studios and the rest of his project team have placed customer service through responsiveness and proper communication above all else, leading to a strong initial product and the opportunity to continue the partnership through multiple iterations and enhancements."


Brendan Buchholz
Founder, Cool Charm Friendsaustralia Brisbane, Australia

"The client appreciates being able to speak in layman terms to Fictive Studios's project manager. Their technical knowledge and suggestions influenced the evolution of the client's vision."


Arhad Khwaja
President, Fast Food Franchiseeusa New York, USA

"Fictive Studios has been professional, communicative, and understanding throughout this partnership, and their mobile apps have received very positive feedback from users, who note that it is much nicer and more user friendly than others of its kind."


Matthew Berwick
CoFounder, Buuurp!uk UK

"Fictive Studios was diligent and responsive in solving any issues that came up throughout the development process and still provides excellent support when they are needed. The client feels that Fictive Studios has really gone above and beyond with their service."


Omar Boyd

CoFounder, OanZ HoldingscanadaCanada

"Fictive Studios was able to communicate effectively with the client, despite the fact that both parties were using a second language, delivering on all project requirements. The client notes that Fictive Studios works well as a team and is very responsive."


Sumood Almesallam General Manager, Al Salam, Kuwait Citykuwait Kuwait

"Fictive Studios met all of the client's requirements for the application and made suggestions for improvement when possible. The client describes Fictive Studios as flexible, knowledgeable, and understanding."


Jorge Mealla CEO, Ticketing Startupbolivia Bolivia

"Users have reviewed the app positively. Fictive Studios was responsive and provided excellent support. Their follow-up is particularly noteworthy."


Food Ordering Appuae United Arab Emirates

"Fictive Studios went above and beyond. Their accommodating and adaptable approach supplemented their professional management style. Fictive Studios takes scope changes in stride. Customers can expect a flexible and communicative team that delivers on time and within budget."


Motor Video Companyuk London, UK

"The apps meet high-quality standards and include many robust features. Fictive Studios is clearly invested in the project's success. The team suggests creative ideas, shares detailed progress reports, and always delivers on time."


Tarek Oraby,
Click4Services - Owneregypt Cairo, Egypt

"Fictive Studios's team was responsive, professional, and accommodating to concerns. They delivered a high-quality game that surpassed all expectations; it achieved 1,700 downloads on Android in 3 weeks and 500 iOS downloads in only a week without much marketing."


Dwayne Van Tonder
Founder, Van Holdingssouth africa Johannesburg, South Africa

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