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papa john's pizza delivery app


SIPP is a hybrid mobile application supported on both iOS and Android platforms. It allows users to create and join party events that are happening near them. The app also serves as a social media platform where users can share pictures and videos of their experiences attending those events.

papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app
papa john's pizza delivery app

Client's Vision

Keeping up with the latest trends and understanding what the consumers are looking for, our client wanted to get a mobile application made that would allow partygoers to socialize more conveniently. They wanted to bridge the social gap between people who had shared interests and offer them a digital platform through which they could connect virtually and then meet in person. As a visionary, the client wanted to incorporate cutting-edge features into the mobile app in order to enhance the overall user experience. For that matter, he approached us and asked for our insights on how the mobile app could be improved. Additionally, they wanted a dedicated web portal to serve as a Super Admin panel from which they could easily control the app's activities. As always, we didn't waver from our commitment to deliver their desired results.

papa john's pizza delivery app

Features We Incorporated Into SIPP

Fictive Studios was tasked to create two separate modules for our esteemed client.


Users – App-Based

Splash Screen

The app is integrated with a visually appealing Splash Screen that is displayed when the app is launched.

Social Login

Users can quickly sign up on the app through their social media credentials, including Facebook, Apple ID, and Google.

User Profile

Each user is given a separate profile where their name, email, and profile picture are stored, which can be viewed by others.

Event Posting

Users can quickly post events and add relevant information such as name, time, and location so that other people can join them.

Upcoming Event

Users can enter events after buying e-tickets that will have QR codes printed on them.

History Tab

It allows users to view past events in which they previously showed interest and help them make an informed decision in the future.

Social Feed

A social space is provided to users where they can post and share pictures and videos for others to see.

Notification Alerts

If users sign up for alerts, they will receive notifications about event updates.

Geo-location Integration

This feature enables users to find events happening in their proximity


Users can save the events they like by bookmarking them for later joining.

In-App Calendar

A built-in calendar allows users to view events they have joined in a tabular dated format.

In-App Chat Integration

App users can communicate with event organizers to get additional details about the event.

Ratings and Reviews

Users have the option to give a rating and write reviews about any event they attend.

Payment Integration

With built-in payment integration, users can pay securely for the in-app features and events.

Push Notification

Users can receive relevant notifications from the app regarding upcoming or recommended events.

Super Admin Panel – Web-Based Portal


Super Admin can view and manage user information through a web-based admin console.

Payment Management

Super Admin can manage and control payment transactions.

Content Management System

Super Admin can add updates and delete the content.

User Management

Super Admin can create sub-admins and assign them different roles.

Push Notifications

Super Admin can send messages to either selected individuals or all app users.



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papa john's pizza delivery app

Challenges We Helped Overcome

1. Integrating Payment Management System

The client was looking for a way to automate the transaction process of the payment made for events. Initially, the client was receiving the money from the event joiners, who had no means to deliver it to the users who had created the event. We catered to the problem by integrating a platform account for the client and sub-accounts for users who were posting the events. This way, the payment could be delivered directly to the event poster and not diverted to the clients. As a plus, the client trusted our suggestion of implementing QR codes on the e-tickets to authenticate each transaction.

2. Recurring Bugs Throughout the Development

Throughout the development of the SIPP application, our development team confronted all kinds of bugs. There were UI bugs that caused issues in the app's design. Compatibility issues were also faced by the Fictive's developers, where the app failed to run on different devices effectively. This was particularly a major issue because the app was supposed to be hybrid, which needed to run smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. All in all, it was a developmental chaos. Did we give up? Absolutely not! Not only did our developers pull through with the seamless delivery, but they also suggested an additional feature to implement within the app based on gender selection. This allows event posters and joiners to know whether the joining or posting party is a male or a female. The suggestion proved to be fruitful for the client.

Our Tech Stack

We employ the most cutting-edge technologies in our app development process to deliver our clients' desired results.

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